• Proactive assistance
  • API for search, deep link to application, convenient “back link”
  • Siri, remind of this today at Message
  • All done on device and stay on device, and anonymous

Apple Pay

  • Going to UK
  • Add Store cards
  • Rewards and loyalty cards , automatically bring the right cards
  • Rename Passcode to Wallet


  • Likely will destroy Evernote


  • Transit Map
  • Multi-Modal routing
  • Location nearby, tell whether support Apple Pay
  • Work on Mac as well


  • Personalized content
  • Interactive
  • (Killing a lot of reader apps)
  • Add “swift” (or any other topic) to fav
  • Photo mosaics


  • Trackpad
  • Shortcuts for keyboard
  • Multitasking
  • Task switcher
  • Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture (Developer APIs available)
  • Move

Power & Performance 

  • Extend one hour more with system optimization
  • Low power mode, extend 3 hours


  • App thinning
  • GameplayKit, Model I?O, ReplayKit



  • More data support

** HomeKit**

  • Access via iCloud
    More sensors

Car Play

  • Pull the cord, no cable


  • Swift 2
  • Whole module optimization
  • Protocol extensions
  • Open Source!


  • Timepiece, photo face, photo album face, time-lapse face of multiple cities
  • Complications, show flight info, sports info… Any info to customize
  • Time Travel, show things that are coming up
  • Night-Stand mode and alarm clock with snooze
  • Communication
  • Friends, select and add
  • Digital Touch
  • Fitness app to run natively
  • Support wallet cards
  • Transit
  • Siri, enable HomeKit, show glances….
  • Native app: move the App logic to the Watch
  • Wifi support
  • Access microphone, play audio, play video
  • Access to healthKit
  • Access accelerometer
  • Taptic engine
  • Access to Digital Crown
  • More features for notification


  • A new app (like Google Play, but with artist updates (social), global radio station, and intelligent integration with Siri and a few more features)
  • Radio station beats 1